The Finger Prince children’s eBook is a finalist in Digital Book World’s PIA awards

PIA FinalistThe Finger Prince, being the only self published eBook in this category, gave its creator Peter Begley an auspicious debut. The Finger Prince went toe to toe with some of the most established publishing giants; like Random House, Bish Bash Books, and Nickelodeon Publishing.

QED SealPeter Begley wrote and illustrated his first eBook and has more Finger Prince eBooks already in the works. This is just the beginning.

After losing out to one of the publishing giants he merely said, “You ain’t seen noth’n yet.”

The Yucky Gucky Song

Yucky Gucky sheet music TNThe Yucky Gucky Song is the next Finger Prince book. It’s a story book told in song, complete with a piano score. School children can sing to a piano and add all the kazoos, bells, triangles, pots and pans they like. Celebrating the individuality, uniqueness, the one-of-a-kindness that every child is born with.

Download the sheet music or click on the thumbnail image (PDF format)

The Finger Prince on a Skateboard