Review by G. Allen

Reviews Page artwork“Cleverly written! A fun children’s book that uses a unique approach to art (using fingerprints) to cleverly underscore and weave the theme into the story. The books could help children explore questions of how to find their own identities in a diverse world.”

- G. Allen

Review by Diane Hoffmaster

Reviews Page artwork“I used to teach preschool. 4 years of teaching 18 to 24 month old children. I have read ALOT of children’s books! I thought that this book was truly unique and even though the age group listed is 4 to 8 years, even younger children would be able to enjoy it. The story is about a little finger print who is looking for his identity.

In Fingerprint Land no two fingerprints are exactly alike. Characters such as the Cotton Candy Cowboy and the Pizza Pirate live in this book. But Petey Peanut Butter is searching for his ‘uniqueness’. He feels lost and unloved but is soon battling Monster Sponge to help save Fingerprint Land. This book sends a wonderful message to children about how each and every one of us is unique in our own way!

There is still a bit of preschool teacher lurking inside me because the one thing I REALLY loved about this book is that after story time is over you can go to the craft table and make your own Finger Prince to bring home and show mom!”

- Diane Hoffmaster

Review by Lori Caswell

Reviews Page artwork“This is a very imaginative children’s book. It is listed for children 4 – 8 years, but my 2 year old grandson loves this book. It has been read to him several times over the past two weeks. The illustrations are so cute, the Pizza Pirate is the favorite here right now, could be because a pirate is the mascot for our local high school, but when we get to that page “ARRRGGGHHH” is sure to give him the giggles, and “yucky, gucky” are his new favorite words, the weather is “yucky, gucky”, the worms outside are “yucky gucky”, well you get the idea.

I think this is great book to read to a child and for a child learning to read. I am truly delighted the author asked me to review it so I can let you know about this fine book for your children or grandchildren.”

- Lori Caswell

Review by Teresa Konopka

Reviews Page artwork“The Finger Prince” by Peter Begley is a stupendous book for children of all ages. The clever play on words refers to fingerprints around a house. Most are food related and take pride in their own sense of self-satisfaction and personal identity. However, a finger print from peanut butter seems to doubt himself. However, when a big nasty sponge comes to destroy all of the finger prints, it is the peanut butter one that saves the day. Thus, he is denoted the finger prince. The rhyme scheme is complex enough to foster growth in little ones but not so difficult as to make them put the book down. The large, vibrant illustrations are fun to look at and will definitely get children’s attention. The ebook for this is equally first rate and uses both motion and different voices. This book may even inspire little kids to think more about science in the future as they learn how seemingly small things have a fun world of their own. There is a “to be continued” at the end of this book, so there will most likely be more stellar tales from the finger prince.

- Teresa Konopka

Review by Suzanne Block

Reviews Page artwork“I was happy to read “The Finger Prince” to a group of children ages 3 to 5 years. They loved the story and were captivated by the illustrations. They found humor in identifying the many characters and actions. As most children of this age, they enjoyed anticipating (what comes next, what do you think will happen) and finding the rhyming words. The book led to many expanded activities to further engage the group. (fingerprints & sponge art and science experiments). Thanks for a fun book.”
- Suzanne Block

Review by Grady Harp

Reviews Page artwork“Peter Begley has opened a new door to children’s literature with his very fine new book THE FINGER PRINCE. It is a unique story with imaginative ideas for teaching children valuable ideas, it has a point of view that is deliciously entertaining, and it is presented in excellent poetic fashion with rhymes that are both fun to read and to hear. On top of all that it Begley has illustrated this book with clever drawings all based on fingerprints… until the end.

But to begin: Begley sets his tale in a nighttime city where live a ‘small, small people in their own small world. Made of mustard and catsup jellies and jams, they lived on cups and saucers, pots and pans.’ The characters are actually fingerprints derived form the sources mentioned and they become Pizza Pirate, Cotton Candy Cowboy et al, proud of how yucky-gucky they could be. Enter our hero Petey Peanut Butter who after a fine chase saves the finger prints from dissolution by the mean old cleaning Sponge in a manner most wise – a feat that makes him a ‘Finger Prince.’

This book veritably sings with inspiration, with delightful rhyming poetry and excellent illustrations. It is surely headed for at least one of the children’s book prizes!”

- Grady Harp