Review by Grady Harp

Reviews Page artwork“Peter Begley has opened a new door to children’s literature with his very fine new book THE FINGER PRINCE. It is a unique story with imaginative ideas for teaching children valuable ideas, it has a point of view that is deliciously entertaining, and it is presented in excellent poetic fashion with rhymes that are both fun to read and to hear. On top of all that it Begley has illustrated this book with clever drawings all based on fingerprints… until the end.

But to begin: Begley sets his tale in a nighttime city where live a ‘small, small people in their own small world. Made of mustard and catsup jellies and jams, they lived on cups and saucers, pots and pans.’ The characters are actually fingerprints derived form the sources mentioned and they become Pizza Pirate, Cotton Candy Cowboy et al, proud of how yucky-gucky they could be. Enter our hero Petey Peanut Butter who after a fine chase saves the finger prints from dissolution by the mean old cleaning Sponge in a manner most wise – a feat that makes him a ‘Finger Prince.’

This book veritably sings with inspiration, with delightful rhyming poetry and excellent illustrations. It is surely headed for at least one of the children’s book prizes!”

- Grady Harp

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