Review by Teresa Konopka

Reviews Page artwork“The Finger Prince” by Peter Begley is a stupendous book for children of all ages. The clever play on words refers to fingerprints around a house. Most are food related and take pride in their own sense of self-satisfaction and personal identity. However, a finger print from peanut butter seems to doubt himself. However, when a big nasty sponge comes to destroy all of the finger prints, it is the peanut butter one that saves the day. Thus, he is denoted the finger prince. The rhyme scheme is complex enough to foster growth in little ones but not so difficult as to make them put the book down. The large, vibrant illustrations are fun to look at and will definitely get children’s attention. The ebook for this is equally first rate and uses both motion and different voices. This book may even inspire little kids to think more about science in the future as they learn how seemingly small things have a fun world of their own. There is a “to be continued” at the end of this book, so there will most likely be more stellar tales from the finger prince.

- Teresa Konopka

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