Review by Lori Caswell

Reviews Page artwork“This is a very imaginative children’s book. It is listed for children 4 – 8 years, but my 2 year old grandson loves this book. It has been read to him several times over the past two weeks. The illustrations are so cute, the Pizza Pirate is the favorite here right now, could be because a pirate is the mascot for our local high school, but when we get to that page “ARRRGGGHHH” is sure to give him the giggles, and “yucky, gucky” are his new favorite words, the weather is “yucky, gucky”, the worms outside are “yucky gucky”, well you get the idea.

I think this is great book to read to a child and for a child learning to read. I am truly delighted the author asked me to review it so I can let you know about this fine book for your children or grandchildren.”

- Lori Caswell

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