Review by Diane Hoffmaster

Reviews Page artwork“I used to teach preschool. 4 years of teaching 18 to 24 month old children. I have read ALOT of children’s books! I thought that this book was truly unique and even though the age group listed is 4 to 8 years, even younger children would be able to enjoy it. The story is about a little finger print who is looking for his identity.

In Fingerprint Land no two fingerprints are exactly alike. Characters such as the Cotton Candy Cowboy and the Pizza Pirate live in this book. But Petey Peanut Butter is searching for his ‘uniqueness’. He feels lost and unloved but is soon battling Monster Sponge to help save Fingerprint Land. This book sends a wonderful message to children about how each and every one of us is unique in our own way!

There is still a bit of preschool teacher lurking inside me because the one thing I REALLY loved about this book is that after story time is over you can go to the craft table and make your own Finger Prince to bring home and show mom!”

- Diane Hoffmaster

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